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-Bali, Jan 2019:


"No words can describe how I feel – now – after this Teacher Training, Kaivalya Yoga. It has been such a blessing to be here. The seeds are planted now, deep inside my heart and beyond. Such a blessing, I am so so deeply grateful for this experience.

To describe Kaivalya yoga, it’s just to say: We honor our past teachers, tradition, truth... No more words to say. I am so grateful."



"So, for me it was the first Teacher Training, and I am completely speechless.

This was the best decision for me to come here and to be a part of Kaivalya Yoga;

I honor all the Teachers from the Past.

– Thank you."


"You need to be very aware that this is not just any other teacher training. it’s an experience that has the capacity to change a life because it is running on a different level than normal teachings do. Normal TTs are just a bunch of knowledge and information. Obviously you will get tons of it here, but you will also put it into practice, and to experience the teachings... feeling them here (heart space) , and understanding them here (heart space) and not just here (mind)…


What I mean with “be aware this is a very special teacher training” is... this is “Kaivalya Yoga”, and Kaivalya Yoga is the first Teacher Training to have ever existed in this new genre you can say.

It is absolutely fascinating how this brings a new view into the tradition and brings all different teachings together into one – And I am feeling so grateful and honored to be one of the first ones to go on this path and to bring this path to the world. For me it’s a necessary revolution of Yoga, this style-bringing together the tradition and innovation, bringing together the practical-theoretical.

The 8 limbs of Yoga... they have been forgotten in many teachings and many lessons. In the West we don’t really practice the whole Yoga anymore and Kaivalya is a Revolution in this.

Bringing Yoga back how it was meant to be from Patanjali's times: the Godfather of Yoga.

I came and I felt ¨I am gonna be a perfect alignment yoga teacher¨ and then... I started to become a true ¨yoga¨ teacher.

Apart from how to go into the position, how I look in the position; I now know to embody Yoga and to bring this experience and this feeling into my lessons and to bring it forth to anybody who  is open to this. This is my feeling after a few teachings.

For me, it was an absolute life shaping experience, for sure."


"I expected nothing from this teacher training, I actually didn’t expect anything... and what I found, what I got... is clarity and pure Yoga and so much love, so much.

I am so, so grateful that I had this opportunity this month, to learn and to grow so much and I am so glad that I met all the other students here which I foud to be more than amazing.

Enrico, his Spiritual mother Sharon Gannon... she told him to teach the whole package of Yoga. If he wants to be a Yoga teacher, he should teach the whole package and he took her really seriously. He really does teach the whole package of Yoga, which is not only the asana, the meditation, the pranayama, satsang and also nutrition. I’ve learned so much about nutrition and we were eating such amazing good food, every day – breakfast, lunch, dinner – so good.  We were eating vegan, of course, according to Ahimsa – nonviolence, and mostly raw, just in the evening a bit of cooked food. And this gave us so much power, which actually helped us to have the power we needed in this month, because it was intense. Almost exhausting at times, it was just a lot! But more then this it was just a wonderful and beautiful experience... actually really, really difficult to put into words somehow.

I feel so blessed, I feel so blessed.

And I mean if there will be, I think there will be a second yoga teacher training...

I will attend it no matter what, no matter in which country in which place of this earth.

I will take a plane and fly there to attend the next teacher training because it’s the most incredible, beautiful experience.

I am really grateful."


"So, this Teacher Training has been a very amazing experience, a deep journey, deep, deep inside myself.

It was what I expected, what I asked, what I desired .  To go into my very inner space and try to go forward.

To go towards Truth.  I received a lot, it has been a transforming journey. 


I think today I am the same person but different. I am different in my physical body because of the teachings about nutrition and about how to treat our self, our body.  To be as pure, as strong, as graceful, as our ancient teaching asked us, asked a yogin to be.  And I am so different in the use of my mind, I think I can say I can see now how open I am... and now I feel from this space inside myself. 


So, it has been a very long and intense and probably this kind of style, this kind of journey is really well open to everybody but probably it’s not for everybody. Because it requires the knowledge, the patience to be on this path and get out of our comfort zone. It  requires to be open to receive teachings from ancient tradition, which are pure but often they are just not heard in our society anymore.

And they are so powerful to change our body, our mind; to lead us towards kind of an easy state, a state of happiness and freedom.

And so I am so grateful, and so different... but still the same and I will suggest anybody to take this journey  - being aware that is a very strong path, as the yoga path has always been – a path for few. For the ones who wants to reach Truth. Starting from inside our self, changing our inside.


I am really glad to have reached this goal in this month for myself.

I am very deeply thankful to the teachers and to the family of friends and journey companions which I met here.

Together we can now spread this very powerful and transforming  style in the world to end suffering and to increase happiness."


"How should I talk about this teacher training without crying – out of love.

This was not only a teacher training, this was so much more.

It was an amazing experience, one of the best I’ve ever made, I’ve ever had.

We are now not just yoga teachers, we are a family.

I could felt it every second, since I have been here. This is not only a Yoga shala, not an ashram, this is a home, this is my home.

Yoga is a path for few, but Kaivalya Yoga should be a path for everyone.

Kaivalya Yoga is a path for everybody, cause we are one. Thank you so much."

" I had meditated before I came to the course... but I'd never found truly a way to meditate and really let myself go, and I found that whilst in Bali, and following the techniques that we were taught, I finally managed to do that and find that inner stillness and peace and happiness and serenity and tranquility that I have sought for my whole life... and so I’m very grateful for that."


" I can say wholeheartedly that I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to spend even just two weeks on the Yoga course with Enrico. I loved every single second of it, I still talk about it every single day! It’s running through my veins and it will always be a part of me.


I am so grateful to Enrico, for everything he taught me. I learnt so much and met the most amazing friends and family, and it changed my whole life."




Screenshot 2019-04-01 at 12.33.58 PM.png

Sara - Esperienza con i Kriya

I Kriya Kaivalya sono come riscrivere una nuova vita ogni giorno.
Purificano profondamente mente e corpo, percepisco l'energia scorrere e la connessione tra i due corpi diventa perfetta armonia, rendendo la pratica piu fluida. 
Il senso di presenza, apertura verso il mondo, accettazione e ricezione, aumentano. 
Attraverso questo detox i sensi si espandono, i processi mentali cognitivi accelerano e l'intuito è piu accessibile. 
Apre i canali ad una coscienza piu alta, nel tempo la pratica la sento radicare e diventare sempre piu salda.
Tutta questa Esperienza, crea una concreta fiducia in se stessi 
Un nuovo corpo - mente. 
Profondamente grata. Om


-Sant`Antonio Tortal, pre-alpi del Veneto. Agosto 2019​

Music: ¨Nirvana Shatakam¨

by Jagadguru Adishankara

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