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"The biggest embrace of love you ever make is to embrace yourself compleatly. The you want to realize you have embraced the whole universe and everything ."   (Adyashanti)


Country: Italy

Languages: German, Italian, English

Where can you find her teachings at the moment:

              in Italy (South Tyrol - Eppan)

              every Monday, Wednsday and Friday at 7.30pm


My Yoga path started 4 years ago, when I started practicing it.

A year later I travelled to India for the first time and did the first teachertraining of SIVANANDA Yoga. Since then, I could not let go of this country.

I started to teach HATHA Yoga and my passion for practice became deeper and stronger. A year later I returned to India and got to know the country with its culture and yogic roots, deepening my knowledge.

Another year later in India, I met a very special master, Enrico Quintavalla, with whom I spent a month. He immersed me in the practice of ASTHANGA and JIVAMUKTI YOGA. A very special turn of my life began. My master supported me for the following year. I began to work more intensivly on old scripts, bought a harmonium and partly learned it on my own, partly with the help of my master.

After another year, I went to Bali, where I spent almost a month training the practice of VINYASA Yoga. Immediatly following was an intensive training with my master Enrico, who - after years of selfstudy - has created KAIVALYA YOGA. A Yogastyle, all - encompassing and particularly profund. Honoring the old traditions, the old scriptures, the past teachers and the truth of real Yoga.

Following the teachings of Patanjali, which he outlined in the Yoga sutra, I was briefed on this practice. Yan, avery special teacher, accompanided me that month and I had the wonderful opportunity to immerse myself in the world of YIN YOGA and also completed the training. We dealt very active this month with healthy nutrition and very specially elaborated kriyas where I could complete the training with another certificate.

My gratitude to all this experience with this special teachers is beyond words. The beginning of my Yoga practice has directed my life in a different direction, with a clear view to the unknown and with the certainty that my life will endure in KAIVALYA YOGA and that I will pass on these teachings and practice absolutly and purely.

Music: ¨Nirvana Shatakam¨

by Jagadguru Adishankara

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